Lockdown Notes IX

just waiting
for the waiting to end


Sharing this micropoem from my book ‘Duplicity‘, published in Sep 2021. ‘Duplicity’ contains a mix of freeverse and micropoetry – cherita and modern haiku/senryu. This one is from a series titled “Lockdown Notes” 
Both print and kindle editions are available on Amazon. Also listed on Kobo. More information and links here. You can read other poems from the book here and here.
Do grab a copy today and let me know what you think!

22 thoughts on “Lockdown Notes IX

  1. Just waiting for the waiting to end” —– so many stories wrapped in those few words, lives lost, lives interrupted and changed forever. We’re all waiting for the waiting to end, and hoping for a return of a normal that will likely never be again, but be replaced by some sort of new normal.


    1. Yes the new normal…seemed like it was settling into something one could adapt to…and now Europe seems to be shutting down … that sense of deja vu…all over again…


  2. So few words expressing the magnitude of the pandemic.
    The event and the aftermath will haunt us for years. Loads of love
    Anna :o]


    1. Especially during the ravaging second wave, it was unbearable to just sit at home and impossible to go out… and the news didn’t get better for weeks. So much loss.. it’s heartbreaking to think about the tragedy and the aftermath of the pandemic.


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