City Cherita – XII


they come to the flower bazaar

for jasmine, for marigolds, for roses —
for funerals, for weddings, for worship —

at night, the unsold flowers
become this city’s story
of all that did not happen

Sharing this cherita from my book ‘Duplicity‘, published in Sep 2021. ‘Duplicity’ contains a mix of freeverse and micropoetry – cherita and modern haiku/senryu. Both print and kindle editions are available on Amazon. Also listed on Kobo. More information and links here.  You can read another poem from the book here. Do grab a copy today and let me know what you think! 

28 thoughts on “City Cherita – XII

  1. Very fine – the cherita form allows enough elbow room for an image to develop and find complexity. The flowers are for all of life intended but which did not come to pass.


  2. You’ve made me think about the untold stories, the “could have been” moments because of a momentary minor decision that changed direction for an entire life.
    Thank you


  3. That’s very pretty. I love thinking about how what didn’t sell tells the stories of what didn’t happen. No weddings, or no funerals…


  4. I enjoyed hearing this poem reflecting an intimate insight into city life, much as I’ve enjoyed all your city poems. While simple on the surface, they have a deep inner resonance of humanity living a timeless story. thank you.


    1. Thank you, Tio Stib. My book, Duplicity, has a bunch of city-themed poems, from times before and during the pandemic. Would love for you to hear all the poems in it. It is available on Kindle as well, though am not sure if that works with audio. Will seek help from the publisher as well to understand and learn better.


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