On Turning Fifty

A set of poems to mark a milestone – inspired by words the poet A.K. Ramanujan wrote in his journal at the same age.

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12 thoughts on “On Turning Fifty

  1. Beautiful poetry Rajani!
    Would love to read the fifty year poems as i have turned fifty myself this month.


  2. I turned 75 at the beginning of April, but because of NaPo, didn’t take the time to really consider what that might mean to me. Thank you for giving me the best possible example in which to do just that.



  3. I had been wanting to share my views and feedback for a long time. Somehow I never got around to doing it.

    Here I go.

    Very well written. Well articulated. It has not been written just like that. Felt and experienced. Lot of emotion and passion in the writing. Comes from the heart. Many of them makes us introspect. It is like we never thought it this way.

    Way to go. Please keep writing.


  4. Again, I’m most grateful for your poetic sharings. You offer me a window into a world that both mirrors my own, although I flew past fifty years ago, and one that has been birthed and shaped by a culture far from my own.

    For me, some of your most compelling writing has come from extended journeys into one area of focus, such as your Haiku series and this one on turning fifty.

    May I suggest you consider further developing the series you began with city poems? I found the your poetry on this subject a wonderful combination of common human existence delicately spiced with suggestions of your unique culture and relationship to Nature.

    Thank you, I always enjoy listening to your writing, both for your unique perspective on life and your gift of placing a particular word or phrase that stops me, makes me listen again and consider more deeply what I have heard and what thoughts and feelings have been stirred.

    Best wishes!

    Tio Stib

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, TioStib. I appreciate them very much.

      I will definitely take your advice on the City series, I’ve been distracted by my book and this collection and haven’t gone back to it. But perhaps over the winter, I will work on it and see what I can do.

      Am very glad you liked ‘On turning 50’ and the Haiku collection. I think that moment of clarity that can be expressed in a haiku is quite wonderful when it comes out right.

      If you ever get a chance to read my book, I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well.

      You are such an inspiration as a writer and caregiver and I am deeply grateful.


      1. Rajani,

        I would very much like to listen to your poetry book, however my blindness requires that it must be in some kind of audio format. I can convert pdf files to a form I can listen to and wonder if you might be able to send me your book in this format.

        Thanks much!

        tio stib


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