Rajani Radhakrishnan
Bangalore, India
Email: suspension.point@yahoo.com
Twitter/ Instagram: @tp_poetry
Pushcart Prize 2020 Nomination
​The Fantastic Ekphrastic Awards 2020


Wheels of Destiny (Ghost Writer): Sep 2013
Water to Water:  Notion Press, Jun 2019
Duplicity: Notion Press, Sep 2021


On Turning 50:  Sep 2019
The Night is my mirror: Dec 2020
Till The End Of June: Dec 2022

Published Poems

Quiet Letter:
21 Jun 2017: A search with words
21 Jun 2017: Of Dying Alone
16 May 2018: Leave Request 
Under the Basho:
2017 Issue: Modern Haiku
The Cherita
August 2017: Vol 2-Where The River Bends
October 2017: Vol 2- When I can’t sleep
November 2017: Come Cherita (Vol 2- Somewhere a Carousel)
The Lake: September 2017
September 2017: That evening in Goa
The Ekphrastic Review:
16 Sep 2017: Turbulence
29 Nov 2017: But the moon is vulnerable
06 Dec 2017: This is your game
28 Mar 2018: Sin Collector
04 Apr 2018: Physics will not have it
24 Feb 2019: Corollary
Life in 10 minutes
18 Sep 2017: Ice cream…and stuff
18 Dec 2017: Spent Decembers 
04 Mar 2018: The last cookie
08 May 2018: 7-across 
07 Oct 2018: Like Fish Do
The Paragon Press: Anapest
01 Oct 2017: Anapest Issue 3
On Moving On: Page 32
Light Enough to See: Page 33
Design: Page 34
The Bus Stand: Page 35
19 April 2018: Anapest Issue 5
What Colour?: Page 72
Pain is a patient Lover: Page 73
Through the kitchen window: Page 74
Still a weed: Page 75
NeverEnding Story
26 Sep 2017: Recurring Dream
15 Jun 2018: Map
The Parentheses Journal
02 Oct 2017: Issue 2: Two Suns
20 Jan 2019: Issue 5: The mouth of mid-morning 
Wales Haiku Journal
Spring 2018: Inaugural Issue
Visual Verse
Vol 04 Chapter 12:  Ocean of Deference
Vol 05 Chapter 01: Half Price 
Vol 05 Chapter 02: Another me
Vol 05 Chapter 03 Because Memories
Vol 05 Chapter 04: Purple Stranger 
Vol 05 Chapter 05: Incongruence
Vol 05 Chapter 06: Nowhere Else
Vol 05 Chapter 08: The Way
Vol 05 Chapter 10: Anticlockwise
Vol 06 Chapter 01: Somewhere in her breath
Vol 06 Chapter 03: They too are whirling
Vol 06 Chapter 04: Afterwards
Vol 06 Chapter 05: Used to be easier
Vol 07 Chapter 04: A connection between soles
Vol 07 Chapter 05: Mirror Games
Mystic Blue Review
Issue 2: October 2017: It was the smell
Issue 4: April 2018: Separation
Poetry Breakfast
03 Nov 2017: One Goddamn Chance 
Haibun Today
Vol 11, Number 4: Dec 2017: Inevitable
Calamus Journal: Issue 13, Dec 2017
Hands of the wind
The Unbelonging
Peeking Cat Poetry
Issue 32: Dec 2017: Was it better
Autumn Sky Poetry Daily
02 Jan 2018: Ritual of Departure
12 Mar 2018: Washing
20 Jun 2018: But Skin is Different
One Sentence Poems
02 Jan 2018: Spent 
Little Rose Magazine: Mar 2018
What colour?
Pain is a patient lover
Seafoam Magazine: 05 Apr 2018
The old house
The American Poetry Journal
Issue 16: June 2018: Pickled Mangoes
Abridged: 0-53:Relapse
July 2018: The Station
Vox Poetica
17 Sep 2018: Where the acorn fell
Indian Review
Nov 2018: Searching with words
The Poetry Annals: Anthology: The Anatomy of Desire
28 Dec 2018: Rush Hour Traffic
Riggwelter Press
Issue 19: Mar 2019: The way a hand lies Page 12
Poets United: Poems and interviews
22 Jun 2015: Blog of the week
Oct 26 2015: Poems of the week 
25 Jul 2016: Blog of the week
15 Aug 2016: Poems of the week
11 Jun 2018: Poems of the week 
25 Mar 2019: Poems of the week
24 Jun 2019: Blog of the week

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh India!!!! I’d do anything to go there, always have wanted to for as far back as I can remember. You have exquisite writing, and may I just say I love the simplistic clean style of your blog 🙂


  2. Rajani, I dont know how it happened but I have lost your email address. I am sorry, your email must have gotten deleted by accident. Argh. Anyway, today your feature is posting at Poets United at 12:30 p.m. Central US time….not sure what time where you are………I do hope you like it, I enjoyed putting it together very much. I loved your poem yesterday!!!! SO beautiful!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a page that will feature independent talent; poets/writers, painters/artists, musicians, designers in many creative areas, etc. It’s an experimental blog. In an upcoming blog I will be dedicating it to purely fiction and poetry accompanied by some pics. I wanted to use one of your poems for that blog? But maybe I could feature you in the near future about your poetic skills and how you ventured into the art?

        Liked by 1 person

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