Rajani Radhakrishnan
Bangalore, India
Email: suspension.point@yahoo.com
Twitter/ Instagram: @TP_Poetry

19 thoughts on “About

      1. It is a page that will feature independent talent; poets/writers, painters/artists, musicians, designers in many creative areas, etc. It’s an experimental blog. In an upcoming blog I will be dedicating it to purely fiction and poetry accompanied by some pics. I wanted to use one of your poems for that blog? But maybe I could feature you in the near future about your poetic skills and how you ventured into the art?


  1. Rajani, I dont know how it happened but I have lost your email address. I am sorry, your email must have gotten deleted by accident. Argh. Anyway, today your feature is posting at Poets United at 12:30 p.m. Central US time….not sure what time where you are………I do hope you like it, I enjoyed putting it together very much. I loved your poem yesterday!!!! SO beautiful!!!!!!!

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  2. Oh India!!!! I’d do anything to go there, always have wanted to for as far back as I can remember. You have exquisite writing, and may I just say I love the simplistic clean style of your blog 🙂


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