Water to Water

My first poetry collection – ‘Water to Water’ was published by Notion Press in June 2019 and is available on Amazon. Here are the links:

Water to Water was featured:
On Poets United: Interview and Poems
By Khaya Ronkainen: Interview and Poem

Water to Water is on Goodreads for your reviews.

3 thoughts on “Water to Water

  1. Then wait, leave water on for tea and find a distant
    star to watch, become shaman, become alchemist,

    become poet. (and then \ a deep up-pouring from some
    saltier well \ within me, bursts its watery syllable.)

    (Wallace Stevens in consonance in parenthesis)

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    1. Oh to be bracketed with Wallace Stevens (in parenthesis)!! Thanks so much, Huzaifa, for all the cartwheeling that it took to get a copy of the book. Much gratitude! The tea is on me, whenever that happens!

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