An Unbeliever’s Handbook

An Unbeliever’s Handbook is a micro chapbook of six poems on a single sheet of paper that folds into an eight page booklet.  Write to for a PDF copy.

an unbelievers handbook

To create the chapbook, print and fold the sheet so you can see all the eight sections.


Fold in half, cut just above the cover page and pull the two sides gently.


30 thoughts on “An Unbeliever’s Handbook

  1. What a fab post. The idea of creating a themed micro chapbook on a page, is so cool. Some wonderful lines, here. And yes, I had a go at reading upside down. It was easier than I thought it would be ~ smiles ~


    1. Found several chapbook styles on the net, this one seemed practical and something one could give away to people who were interested. Would love to read your chapbook Bjorn… !! Though I am looking forward to the old librarian collection most of all!


  2. Thank you so much, what a lovely gift to us all! I enjoyed reading it.

    BUT – I don’t properly understand the instructions. Fold in half vertically or horizontally? Also, how did you get half of it to print upside-down?


    1. Fold so you can see the cover page in the bottom right section. There are videos online if you google – ‘how to fold a mini chapbook’! I worked with MS Word so you can use a text box within a table and rotate it for upside down printing! I think there are easier ways with more advanced tools. But I was just experimenting! Glad you liked it..thanks Rosemary.

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  3. I don’t know where you live, but there are some where verses like this would be deemed Satanic … which is exactly what you intend, machetes and fire aside. Faith and fate are about love and god equally, I agree. What do we believe that we don’t defy? What do we touch that we don’t curse and deify? Anyway, congrats on the series, the mini chapbook is a fun device (though did you mean to overstrike the title?)


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