Today I remember a poetry form called earthhello, that I learnt from Rosemary Nissen-Wade. You can read the many beautiful poems she wrote in that form on her blog. And here’s the link to the one time I made a rough attempt.

But talking of the earth and all that’s happening to it, if you’ve been keeping a keen eye on climate change and all the aspects of the ecological crises, equality, justice and wanton growth that go with it, if you’ve followed COP-26 with interest or amazement, if you’ve looked around you and felt the fingerprints of human excess – in the weather, in the soil, in the disappearance of little creatures, if all of this is translating into urgent, necessary poetry, then consider looking up Earthweal and sharing your thoughts there with other like-minded poets. Brendan, Sherry and others are doing such a great job to keep the focus on what really is the most important conversation we all need to have at this time. So please do take a look, share your work and join the discussion!!

ask her, ask her
the earth already knows
how this story ends

2 thoughts on “Earthweal

  1. Oh that haiku! Scares me, but it is true. B.C. is in a state of emergency, from floods, collapsing highways and landslides after a dump of ten inches of rain in two days. Thanks for the nod to earthweal. It amazes me that the climate crisis isnt the only topic. The photos of cars up to their windows in water made me think of the “cartoon” titled “Officials discussing climate change” while up to THEIR ears in water. Sigh. So glad you have popped up again, Rajani. It is always wonderful to read you.


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