Hold it up to the light

it says nothing, it says everything
hold it up to the light again,
some days, you’ll see a poem

An abating second wave (really?), an enraged monsoon (climate change?), a monday-friday grind that mocks attempts at writing, a shrinking world of poetry suddenly made beautiful by an unexpected poem that drops into my timeline – how’re things in your world? What have you been writing? 

7 thoughts on “Hold it up to the light

  1. I enjoyed reading your words.
    I am budding writer who finally discovered her peace in writing poems and short stories.
    I would love if you visit my page and give it a read.
    Have a beautiful day 🌼

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  2. The world of poetry cannot shrink as long as there are still poets like you, who continue to sing. 🙂 But I get your point, it’s increasingly becoming difficult to find beauty with all that is going on in the world, right now. With recent events in South Africa, it’s difficult to say exactly how are things in my world. But I continue to write poetry, for it is life.

    Stay safe! xx


    1. Thanks, Khaya. Yes, it is hard to find the balance with everything happening around us- be it the pandemic or back to back climate change disasters. One step, one day, one poem at a time – perhaps!

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  3. I am watching the horrendous flooding in so many places, climate change no question. Here wildfires are burning and cant be stopped and there is no rain happening or due to happen………….one entire town burned to the ground overnight and other towns are evacuated. The climate crisis is accelerating but world leaders havent gotten the memo yet. They are either wilfully refusing to act, or else dont have a clue what to do. Gah. Yet thankfully we poets go on writing poems and charting the journey. I feel like the canary in the cage but my voice is getting tired fromsinging. LOL.

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    1. Thanks for writing what you do and keeping our attention fixed on the important things. True, poetry may not change the world, but it sure can make a few people think … and possibly care. That’s a huge deal.


  4. What have I been writing…between moving across the country, trying to find a house in a frantic market, finding a “fixer” and trying to fix it … just enough to have something to contribute when my poetry group meets. Which means, not much. Life does take over, doesn’t it. I hope you are safe and well, Rajani.


    1. Hey Sarah, good luck with the house hunt… life does take over and all resistance seems futile! Things have opened up here post the second wave lockdowns, but “normal” is not normal anymore… do take care!


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