This poem

even in a parallel universe –
is there this longing,
this poem?



I’ve been an infrequent visitor to my blog. Sometimes I write and some of it finds its way to Instagram, the blog, however, is languishing… and nothing, it appears, can do away with Covid or create the mindspace for focused blogging, focused writing, focused anything. But, in the middle of pandemic listlessness, absent inspiration, disappeared muse and a time-devouring day job, I’m compiling a book. More on that, when the path stops being so utterly uphill. Hope to read all your posts this week and write more-post more-read more…think I miss this space… more than I realized. Stay safe all…the planet of the variants is not a friendly place. 

13 thoughts on “This poem

  1. Totally relatable. These are trying times. Missed your poetry and your thought processes. Glad I found you again. Stay well and stay safe. 🌺

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  2. Going through similar experiences. I want, would like, but don’t do. Caught up in reading and coloring, and not much else. Thanks for putting my feelings into words.



  3. I so know the feeling. The weight of all that is happening everywhere is heavy, and keeps me feeling tired just witnessing it all. I am not writing much or well these days. No inspiration, and so tired. What I do write tends to be news of the world and/or outrage. Smiles. Sometimes all a poet can do is bear witness. Always happy to read you and I applaud you directing your energy into another book. Yay!

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    1. “all a poet can do is bear witness”…. that’s so true, especially in these times. Your poems keep our attention on the real problems so thank you for them. Stay safe.


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