Because February 2021

because the existential subtraction of the past year laid bare the excesses of my carefully contrived alignments,

because the new minimalist right angles of being are putting to shame the cursive blooms of February after a summer, a monsoon, a winter, of letting go,

because so much was so unnecessary, so exhausting, so mindless that turning away was turning inward, hearing myself, allowing the words to come when they were ready — like rain, like a storm, like the night — filling the spaces between here and sky, between me and myself, becoming a bridge that leads to another chance,

because when this stillness has passed, the chaos will come rushing back but there will be a memory of this time when so much nothing happened that it was still a little something,

because sometimes, something is more than enough

then the sky looked down
at the sea, and asked—
what is that strange colour?

21 thoughts on “Because February 2021

  1. nothing strange has happened this February, and that’s quite strange, but it is a good kind of strange. the people in charge has put a damper on new year celebrations, the vaccines are coming. so yes, it is quite a good February..

    i love the haiku that closes the haibun. Killer!


  2. I take comfort in hearing that others have felt the strangeness of this year’s February. It left me wordless for a time but the return of songbirds is calling me back to life.

    I like the haiku.


  3. ‘this time when so much nothing happened’. Yes, interesting how that nothing became something, and the strange ways we accepted and adjusted. Another remarkable piece of writing from you, topped off by the startling haiku.


  4. I was saying to someone the other day that this past February has been the most February February that ever Februaried. It was like a month full of Groundhog’s Days. But there is always an after, no matter how big the void. And I’ll bet this after comes with more than a bit of chaos.


  5. “becoming a bridge that leads to another chance,”
    Surely the best way to figure out the challenges life throws us

    Have a good Sunday



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