Truth burns blue

No one knows how to heal our broken world,
barely held together by twisted concertina
wire. We made enough to circle the night.
Several times. How else will we protect us
from ourselves? How will we decide which
side is free? Truth burns blue on the pyre,
it’s final act of resistance is to choose if
it should turn into smoke or ash. Then why
does the air still reek of toxic optimism?
Aren’t bright eyes and unbidden cheer
frightening in the dark? I push his hand away.
Hope, I tell him, is just another four-letter
word. He laughs, his breath oddly warm,
frankly, what other option do you have?

10 thoughts on “Truth burns blue

  1. “toxic optimism” Wow! the other choices may kill. And yet, when applied to a romantic touch, pray we can still say “no” without worry. Pray we still have will.


  2. Wonderful words from a wonderful mind Ranjani.
    He is right – all we have is hope, although I totally understand the toxic optimism…
    Anna :o]


  3. I liked the concertina wire too. And the hope, because “what other option do you have?” We live in hope. Smiles. Always lovely to read you, my friend.


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