Beyond this wall of grey

Beyond this wall of grey, what if there is another
sky, in which a lone bird rises and the light, the

enduring light, refuses to cast its shadow. You erase
the bird, you deny the light, you mock the sky. But

can you feel the wings breaking through your skin?
That pain is relief, is proof of life. See the blood pooling

around your feet, look again, look up, whatever held
you to this ground has left your arms a long time ago.

The sentence has shrunk into a word at the tip of your
tongue. Say it, drain the sorrow from your bones. Fly.

30 thoughts on “Beyond this wall of grey

  1. There are times in our lives when we are rooted to a spot, to a person, a place, a situation. But, when that purpose is no more – we must ask ourselves – are we still in the right spot? Many never ask themselves and stay put. The fortunate ones do, and if need be, transplant themselves in better light where they sprout anew ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Even though this poem ends with the exhortation to fly, I am left with a feeling of abject hopelessness…


  3. I like the defiant tone in this piece, and how it doesn’t deny the pain of rising above, but leans into it as just part of the process.


  4. The Greeks were telling stories about Icarus who made wings to fly thousands of years ago and look what happened to him. It is bad enough flying in a jet plane! (P.S. I think I am getting old)


  5. This poem is delicate and hopeful, Rajani, and full of light, which you achieve through repetition and bird imagery. I love the encouragement to โ€˜break through the wall of greyโ€™ and the way the poem ends with one word, the imperative โ€˜Flyโ€™.


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