Break open a poem

Break open a poem and time spills out, not
quite like sand from a fist, too small, too tight;

not quite like rain from a cloud that has drifted
too long — break open a moment within a word,

within a line, and all the moments before it spill
out, not quite like the blur from a speeding train:

the contained is rarely smaller than its container –
possession is only a manner of being. Break open

this night, hold its screams apart, see, all the things I
thought I could bear, can no longer bear themselves.

8 thoughts on “Break open a poem

  1. Beautiful, as always. You are one of the first poetry blogs I started reading 3 or 4 years ago when I first started mine. I just started writing again today after a LONG writers block. I just looked up your blog again to maybe keep inspiring me. Thank you!


    1. Very glad to hear that you’re finding inspiration and are writing again. These have been tough times for us all … words seem difficult to find. Good luck with your blog.


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