Darkness of light

Indolent tongues of yellow light, peering from tired clay lamps, flicked the smooth curtain of darkness, feeling its inky texture, curious, wanting to burn a little hole in its opaque folds to unravel the mangled debris of thirty six years, that she had carefully concealed behind it.

While the fireworks floated down from the sky into her kohl tipped eyes, while the ghee from the gold flecked sweets glistened on her open lips, while the rustle of her Benaras silk fanned the shimmering dance of the seductive Diwali night, she smiled.

The truth could wait till morning.

alone on the grass
in the grey dawn rain
the crow doesn’t know it is crying


84 thoughts on “Darkness of light

  1. I love me some haibun, my favorite form these days. If a crow caws deep in the forest, & nobody hears it, is it a silent scream? The haiku is 5,5,7–interesting, slightly different form. I put tanka, haiku or American sentences or collom lunes in mine, & don’t keep every stanza in prose; what fun. Your piece certainly makes the reader want to know more about the woman.


  2. That last line and closing haiku has pretty much summed up my week. It has hit that nail so hard it’s taking all I have for this Raivenne not to cry with the crow. The scene before beautifully colored especially in contrast to its ending.


  3. How very philosophical – if we cry in the rain does anybody see (including us) – Schrรถdinger’s cat came into my week – it reminded me of that! But your poem is far more lyrical..


  4. This is a most amazing image: “curtain of darkness, feeling its inky texture, curious, wanting to burn a little hole in its opaque folds” Such is flame in dark night; such am I standing outside this lady’s studied silence!


  5. Beautiful writing, Rajani, and I thought the haibun went splendidly with your prose. You had me thinking about the crow crying in the rain, who didn’t know it was crying. I was feeling the way suffering and discomfort in our lives can worm their way into our souls and become a strange normalcy, like the way a pungent scent on the farm is obvious to people just arriving from the city… but the farmer is oblivious… The familiar so often keeps the truth hidden from us…



  6. Highlight fairs around
    the world sing
    stars of joy
    in human
    heart.. as humans
    are made to live
    together and
    it is the
    that can
    be lonely
    and truly insane..
    at least an online
    connection can
    bRinG dreams
    of real
    again together
    free and sane..:)


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