Feel this frangible sunshine, crumbling like parchment between your fingers, scattering murmuring hieroglyphs in the dark corners of your eyes. Watch the waking birds, a soundless ripple, seven lines of gold-dusted reeds and the obstinate half-sun fleeing, once more, from the serrated jaws of the cold mountains.

Open your arms and draw them close, hear the stories they whisper in your ears, bullnosed shards of eternal life, that weave through fibre and blood, hushing your voice, teasing your hair and tracing the creased questionsΒ inΒ your eyebrows.

Walk slowly till the weariness leaves, wafting up into the silence between the tolls of the waiting bell, until the squawking schadenfreude of the back-lit ducks ebbs all at once into the unravelling quietude.

View of the Church of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole

slowly, softly,
slides out of this morning

Linked to Dverse Poets for the Haibun picture prompt and to Poets United for the midweek motif “Tranquility”. The picture is Van Gogh’s View of the Church of Saint-Paul-de-Mausole.

72 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. I specially admire the opening stanza with its frangible sunshine and soundless ripple of waking birds ~

    A lovely haibun ~ Thank you for linking up with Haibun Monday at D’verse ~


  2. So true to me.. that everyday
    and every now.. even the
    same place of Nature
    can tale a different
    story of now
    the balance
    of life.. in art
    of emotions
    a delight
    to carry
    a bridge
    of nature
    across the
    threshold of
    self as well..:)

    Wheat Springs
    balance harvesting
    Love as Real NOw..:)


  3. A rich source of delight in both prose and senryu. I too felt that same tranquillity when looking at that landscape – who knows if that was indeed the case, given the circumstances in which it was painted?


  4. Love the peaceful mood here, “Walk slowly till the weariness leaves, wafting up into the silence between the tolls of the waiting bell”; your haiku is so magical as a new day dawns leaving yesterday…lovely haibun!!


  5. Can I be more in love with a poem? I doubt it. The slide into a new day is anticipated, fragile, sudden and welcome. I love all the diction that points to harshness and struggle and hurt, how these reside in the landscape until true awaking and mindfulness. Love it.

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  6. I can hear those ducks now quacking thanks in the morning light that they at least are still there…never mind the rest. What a great picture you painted with your words.


  7. the intro to your poem here made me open my eyes as if to welcome a new era of peace and harmony among the peoples of the earth heralded by the waking birds in the skies and the sweetly fragile sunshine itself.


  8. The first sentence is a beauty….and you continue to dazzle with a very descriptive and creative journey of tranquility. Love the haiku….the idea of yesterday sliding out of this morning…wow!


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