Means to an End

Dawn hung on the horizon like a picture frame, slightly askew, uneven orange flecks in its slate-ringed eyes, dew-pearled hair tousled by the warm breath of the levitating sun, grimy shadows filling the empty right angles of its lost perfection.

A dawn, teetering on a waning silver hook, pushed aside by a half- dressed dream scurrying after the imploding dark that still held in its coal-hewn hands, an alternative epilogue with a happy ending.

soft tendrils of hope
bird song clings to the breeze
as the morning sways

Linked to Dverse Poets where Forest Tinker has co-hosted an introductory Haibun prompt and has kindly linked two of my previous haibun.

47 thoughts on “Means to an End

  1. An intricate weave indeed. It seems that Haibuns are becoming the dVerse Go-To form; yours is wonderful, off-kilter & brilliant capped with an excellent haiku. I liked the lines /grimy shadows filling the empty right angles of/its lost perfection/.

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  2. There is a surreal strokes on the painting of dawn with its lost perfection ~ I admire the bird song, a glimmer of hope in the haiku ~

    Thanks for joining our Haibun Monday ~


  3. Thank goodness for those small hopes. A relief. Excellent opening. The comparison to the askew picture frame and then personification. Really nicely done.


  4. And the reader ”scurries” after your words – I man that in a very positive way. You write like the hills, undulating, with sudden unseen nooks and crannies, then sweeping grand vistas. Sorry I never mentioned linking in your haibun – just had to do it – you know of my admiration for your haibun.

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