Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Sharing this piece from September 29th, 2016. It was written for dVerse Poets, inspired by Wallace Stevens’ classic, ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’. But interestingly, this poem was included in a dverse poets anthology called CHIAROSCURO which is supposedly part of the proposed LunarCodex to be inducted into the Polaris time capsule, targeted for the 2023 SpaceX/ Astrobotic Griffin lander/ NASA VIPER rover mission, headed for the Lunar South Pole. I have no idea how to process this information, but there it is. 
how many mirrors
has this morning hung
everywhere I see my soul

like mirror shards
the morning dew falls
suddenly a thousand skies

my grandmother’s mirror
photoshopping my image
with her soft eyes

somedays the mirror
stretches a hand
to catch a falling tear

between me and the mirror
seven steps
seven presumptions

the sky is our mirror
you see the falling stars
I am bewitched by the moon

empty mirror
how much did I lose of myself
leaving you

the way we looked
before there were mirrors

hidden behind the mirror
all those reflections
before this

today the mirror
casts three reflections
asking me to choose

in his rearview mirror
he brings home
the waxing moon

then what saved Narcissus?
a ripple?
a tear?

three blackbirds
flying past the mirror
six pause


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