Leave a promise

at the end of every line
leave a clue —
so festering wounds can be
wrapped in strips of twilight sky
so the world can be settled
ever so slightly, till it sits
warm and weightless
like a child on a hip —

there is often a word
that can keep one last door open
that can retrace that final step

at the end of every verse
leave a promise —
what shall we do with sleep
without a morning to wake up to
what shall we do with rain
when skin cannot endure the wet
what shall we do with all this
longing, without the grammar
of hope —

at the end of every poem
leave cause —
there is reason in the way
an afternoon hangs upon
a silence hangs upon
an unbidden thought,
the eye tracing the path of
a crow rebuilding its nest,
there is presence in the way
a twig, that was once tree,
becomes purpose
becomes home

we can reimagine the new moon
we can draw new patterns
with invisible stars

we can make beauty
if we only know how

One last poem for 2021 as this year folds into the next- this was inspired by a beautiful message sent to me by a reader and fellow poet, that he had titled “We can make beauty”- thank you so much, TioStib.
To everyone here, a wish for good days, good health and endless poetry.

A year that brought the devastation of the second wave, so much loss and grief… was also kind enough to give me my second book, ‘Duplicity‘… so with gratitude, memories, good and sad, and a tiny defiant sliver of hope, here’s looking ahead to 2022. Be safe and be happy, all. 😍

28 thoughts on “Leave a promise

  1. as for me, i would sum this up as saying: all damage spurs new growth, and growth always comes with some pain… but that’s just me. i like soft gentle flow of this, very well worded and concise. i’ve come to really enjoy your writing. happy new year!


  2. I needed this reminder of the small graces we can use to make a little room for hope to shelter in. Hope needs a sanctuary, even if its small to start with. With a little luck, it’ll spread out and make itself at home.


  3. Wow! Beautifully written! We always need to be hopeful! because all are meaningless without us! 🎉💓🤗thanks. Wishing you happy 2022. Stay blessed.🎉🤗


  4. Beautiful Rajani – it makes me wonder if the tandem is grief and hope, the ruination of the day met by the dreams of the night. The Native American poet William Stafford once wrote there’s an island of promise at the end of every day by which we sight the next, and that’s the work I see in this poem, a crafting of beauty that helps us all breathe. It is always there if we are willing to find it. Congrats on ‘Duplicity’ and a happy and engaged 2022 to you.

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  5. Oh, Rajani, this is beautiful! I read the first stanza about five times–I love it that much. The imagery, the invitation, the memories is conjures… just beautiful.

    Happiest New Year!


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