New chapbook: The night is my mirror

from then to now
is never the same distance as
from now to then

From my new chapbook: “The night is my mirror”.

Through the lockdown and the near-isolation, words were hard to find, but this came together in the last few weeks and I am delighted to close the year with relief, gratitude and hope.

I think the poems are real and personal and have been churned out by the silence, unease and reluctant acceptance that was 2020. If you’d like to read the chapbook, do give me a shout and your email information.  and I will send you a copy.  (leave it in the comments section or write to

Happy holidays and a very happy new year.


This micropoem was selected by a reader from Ireland, Jane Carson,  who reimagined it and posted it on instagram with a beautiful soft background. I love how poems resonate differently with readers and grow bigger than the poet’s imagination. The original melancholy has somehow morphed into a kind of optimism. 

36 thoughts on “New chapbook: The night is my mirror

  1. Took me a few days to read the entire book. Read many poem more than once. That’s the impact it has on me. Some initial thoughts.

    1. Outstanding titles / topics for all
    Poems. I just loved them .

    2. Some lines in some poems still stay on my mind. Some examples given below .

    Things that may not end

    to know a storm, you should know
    a drizzle, to know a drizzle,
    you should get lost in the desert

    Things I should have known

    Before I asked why life didn’t give me the one
    thing I wanted, I had to touch the black of an eclipse, had to fail at love, had to understand
    faith was the blue that wasn’t of the sky and ‘why’ was a question I could only ask myself.

    Things that stayed the same

    Between us,
    the tide, time: obvious, wordless, shapeless, passing. That wasn’t the place to learn about love and the
    insoluble: different water, different sand, forever coupled, forever untouched. Together meant different things there.
    Sometimes a redundant adverb, sometimes the certainty of change. Sometimes an ending we didn’t imagine.

    More to follow

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  2. I always find it interesting (and troublesome) that things that happened 40 years ago still have an impact on my life today. It also reminds me that the end is sooner than I think.


  3. Congratulations on putting your sequestered time to good use and producing a book! Blessings on you and yours this holiday season!


  4. It feels at times as if this year has erased the meaning of its days. This poem highlights that oddness.

    Would love to read your chapbook! (


  5. Writers are lucky to be able to sit at home and write their poetry and prose and not be too frustrated that they cant live normal lives when all they want to do is write on their computer!


    1. Though with all the lockdowns and restrictions, I found it almost impossible to write. It was only recently, when things opened up and we could meet people again, that the words too began to come. I wonder if this happened to some other writers too! It’s an interesting thought.


  6. O, yes, i want a copy. Should we trade? I cannot afford to send a paper copy of mine, but might be able to figure out how to send the ebook version.


    Dr. S. L. Chast 660 Church Lane Yeadon, PA 19050 Cell Number: 267-499-0334 Home: 610-259-4771 Blog:

    *“Some things have to be believed to be seen.” ―* Madeleine L’Engle


    1. Already emailed a copy to you, Susan. Hope you received it. I would love for you to read it and I look forward to your thoughts. It’s been a hard year, but lets hope the next one is a whole lot better. Happy Holidays.


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