The night is my mirror

A little chapbook to end a year that has been challenging in so many ways. This collection of poems came from the long months of lockdown and silence. The poems are personal and were hard to write. I hope you can connect with them in your own way.

Write to for your free PDF copy.

Warm wishes for a better, hopeful, safe and healthy 2021.

9 thoughts on “The night is my mirror

  1. I am really enjoying reading your poems. I truly admire the way you delve deep into emotions and precisely scoop pearls of words that you weave into the jewels of poems.

    Frankly,I feel totally unqualified to comment on your great treasures.

    Humbly, may I say that it feels like some of your poems are written just for the reader to question, sift and sort through their own emotional state and solace.Your words stir thoughts and memories delicately and deeply, through the present situation and passage of time.

    So much is said in so little. The haiku gems are very uplifting in a somber way. My favorites- ‘from then to now—” and ‘ so much of the sky–”

    The Qs you ask in your poems are so thought provoking, especially in ‘things that did not fall’ and ‘things I should have known’

    I have to admit that some of it is beyond my grasp or present comprehension. I feel one has to read, reread, and reread each word so as to understand and digest the heart and depth of the poem.

    The way you explain the dimension of compromise and the sense of togetherness, the way you use the metaphor of the sky in all types of emotions and tone of the day, is so very expressive and meaningful..

    “how life walks ahead of me- without me– despite me–” — and the ending ” mid sentence it disappears” really hit home. Such a truthful revelation that we don’t really think about, when we are caught up in life”s happenings or feeling of stagnation.

    I truly appreciate your sharing your work and your open expressive writings.


    1. Thanks so much, Sherry. I hope you find some time to read it, I’d love to get your thoughts! Was a mad, mad year… the words didn’t come all year and then the muse appeared in the last few weeks. Much gratitude!


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