Ritual of Departure (On Autumn Sky)

Happy to say this poem was published today on Autumn Sky Poetry.

Many thanks to the editor, Christine Klocek-Lim.


I walk this dying year slowly down to the edge. You laugh, tell
me I am holding his shrivelled arm too tight, he totters now, his

voice feeble, not that he has anything left to say. I wait for him
to crumble to ashes so I can hand him back to ocean that birthed

him, how many times have we done this here, how many times
have we stood at this door, me empty hearted, this silent Bay

of Bengal, waiting in seeming nonchalance, wave after wave,
counting down the seconds. Remember the time he was broken

before the winter solstice, I brought him in pieces, in black plastic
bags, parts missing, and once, long ago, when I did not want to

let him go- all that crusted angst has turned blue wine to salt, yet
this sea burns the fire of a new day in her belly, our ancient…

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27 thoughts on “Ritual of Departure (On Autumn Sky)

  1. Congratulations, Rajani, on being published on Autumn Sky Poetry.
    What I like about this poem is the invitation to walk; the direct address is effective, as is the description of the other person whose shrivelled arm is held too tightly, who I can imagine as an elderly relative. The final line is beautiful.


  2. Well-deserved to be published – it is incredibly moving – made more so not just by your words but the couplets that read into each other

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