Was it Better?

This poem was published in the December Issue of Peeking Cat Poetry.


Was it better when
we exalted wind and earth
and sea and sky
and bowed to them as gods,
was it better when
we hadn’t stripped
tempests of their arrogance,
penumbras of their veil,
the eccentric moon of her moods,
when the only dreams we had
came from birds and stars
and there were no words,
so from a single smile
we could make up a million stories,
everything we needed
we found in clouds shaped as deer
and deer that broke the
mist on the morning hills,
now I feel you shift in your sleep
a shiver curling into the space
between us,
the rain drifting down
my window pane gives me
a curious glance,
and I wonder what it might
have felt like
to never look for shelter. 

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11 thoughts on “Was it Better?

  1. I think it probably harder, but definitely better.
    I would love to live at one with nature where pure needs suffice and wants are never even imagined.
    Have a wonderful New Year.
    Anna :o]


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