in this churn of sky and sea and time
from whom will the mind
learn stillness?

For CDHK where we learn Basho’s ‘riddle” technique that tries not to posture as intriguing rhetoric but to trigger, like a Zen Koan, philosophical introspection. An old classic is “ “Am I a butterfly dreaming I am a man or a man dreaming I am a butterfly?”
Basho writes:
has spring come
or the year gone away?
second last day

17 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Studied this one carefully – a different style than many – and when I swapped the first and second line around I also liked it. I think you should write a second on the same theme you wrote first, focusing on something very small in nature to show the explored idea – why…well, because I love your haiku/thought/ideas and was just interested to see…


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