The new chapbook: Till The End Of June

strange, the way you say goodbye

as if the quiet that follows
is a comma

even though
there is nothing
left to say

Sharing a cherita from my new chapbook, ‘Till The End Of June‘.
As I’ve done before, my chapbooks are free to read and I send out PDF copies on request. If you wish to read it, send an email to

More about it here including feedback from some early readers.

New Chapbook: Till The End Of June

So, you might remember, I wrote a poem everyday in June and have been trying ever since to pull all the posts together into a meaningful chapbook. It has taken this long, but despite conspiracies by life, the universe and everything, here it is, finally, done, just as the year burns out. My new little compilation is called ‘Till The End Of June‘.

If you’d like to read it, drop an email to for your free PDF copy. It’s ready to be sent out!

Hope you enjoy reading it over the new year. I will look forward to your feedback!