The Trouble with Tanka-5

today, the gibbous moon,
one silver breath short,
a wordless yearning-
how will dawn dare to break
when this night is unfinished?


another clap of thunder
then another
applauding the ravaged night,
behind the bamboo curtain she waits
her eyes already the pale morning after


the sky is splashed in soft pink
reflecting sakura blossoms
how the light plays tricks-
all those white clouds, empty cold,
like the space where you once slept

Fujiwara no Teika’s Tanka Technique 5: Lofty style –taketakaki tei – achieving grandeur and elevation.
The Trouble with Tanka -4 

The Last Postcard

but the last postcard
had come thirteen months ago,
from Budapest,

here the sky is crushed muslin
and the endless river rhymes in its sleep;

and books had turned weary on their shelves
having held their secrets too long,
dust choking every last word,

pyramids hold up this cloudless Cairo sky,
the past shimmers in the heat waves, just beyond my reach;

while waiting has a spurious smell,
the sour reminder of milk
left out too long,

pink is the fragrance of Osaka’s sakura blossoms,
their colour is that of a slow smile that almost reaches a moist eye;

not knowing is the knot,
at the bottom of an empty well
strewn with hope shaped stones,

the crackle of fire, the hiss of empty water bags,
who can tell what lies beneath the flood of Saharan sand;

because yearning still tastes of defeat,
and silence is the enduring midwife
of epiphanic pain,

everywhere, something feels like home,
everywhere, something feels further away;

the last postcard
was thirteen months old,
a new crease
separated cloud and water.


kimonos flutter softly
a spring breeze
teases the cherry blossoms

For CDHK where we learn Basho’s ‘comparison‘ technique. “In haiku the SOMETHING and the SOMETHING ELSE are set down together in clearly stated images. Together they complete and fulfill each other as ONE PARTICULAR EVENT – Betty Drevniok
Basho writes:
rabbit-ear iris
how much it looks like
its image in water


So obsessed
by sakura
this spring,
I curse
the bright sunlight
in my upturned gaze.
The sun
we prayed for
all winter
with eyes tightly shut.

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April:#11- 06/30