Two from Eternity

two days from empty.
two hours from dawn.

behind the lattice of the old guava tree,
a pregnant cloud counted her sorrows,
it had been a while since the last implosion,
the detritus had found its way back,
climbing on the coattails of an indifferent sun,
the rain she had lost filled her eager womb again,
how much longer?

with slate grey envy,
she filleted the gloating moon,
so sure in death,
so sure she would be born again,
emerging from the ghastly dark,
like the teasing glimmer
of an unfulfilled promise,
over and over.

his face etched in argentine woe,
the man stared out of his window,
two days from full,
two hours from dawn,
he heard himself crack,
this was the brink,
there would be no turning back,
there would be no other path,
he felt the night creep slowly
into his fading eyes,

a cloud had moved
to cover the smile
of the relentless moon.

For the midweek prompt at Poets United: “resilience”

Nightless Moon

and then you returned
the moon to my sky,
half dead with longing,
half alive in mourning,
all i asked was for you
to keep her safe,
while my bloodied hands
dried in the warmth of day,
but you let her see you
through a veil of rain,
you let her hear
your songs of pain,
you taught her to love,
you taught her to cry,
then sent her back
across an endless sea,
sent her where she can never be,
a monsoon cloud
darkened by her tears,
screaming for release
at the first sight of her fears,
what can i tell her,
where will I keep her,
over ice cold veins, her skin stretched thin,
her accusing eyes the colour of my guilt,
tell me even if your
soul is bare,
tell me even if you
cannot care,
how do i put back together
this night
that I just killed?

The Tree that Was

I hadn’t really climbed that tree,
(or any tree)
but I’d seen how she brushed
the silver stubble on the cheek of the moon,
seen where the first shoot
that dared to break through
into a sunlight it always knew
would be waiting,
where that first shoot had ascended
clambering over darkened rings;

they said up there I could put my mouth
on the lips of the cloud
and drink from rivers gone dry,
they said up there the wind
would sit on my shoulder
and nuzzle my neck as it read
redacted poems in my book,
they said it was a place where shadows could not reach,
where that broken voice would begin to fade,
a place where I could knit sunbeams,
into mittens for my trembling heart,
a place where I could learn to love again;

but this morning there she was,
like a queen felled,
lying twisted on her side,
squirrels still scampering along her bleeding legs,
people stepping over her naked crown,
shouting into the silence
that hid at the back of her leaves
like frightened spores;

and i who had never climbed that tree,
(or any tree)
crying on the kerb,
the wind watching listless
from the shadows
that began to creep into her knowing eyes,
tears pooling into muddy streams
that swallowed the unravelling clouds,
half-words still tangled in her fingers
and love,
like a secret whispered by the dead,
like a tear perched on the very edge,
love still unlearned,
stranded in the alleys between the stars,
lost in the endless blue of its path,
with no way,
with no way to come back home.

This Night

this night moves ever so slow
I hide my love closer still
the moon sleeps in my bare arms
do you hear us weep?

A Dodoitsu (7/7/7/5 syllables) to mark a calendar event that time, perhaps, does not bother to acknowledge!!


They spoke in soft wordless tunes that made the stars blink in confusion.

Against her silver ear, his wet cloak dragging his shoulders down, struggling to stand on blue calloused toes, too weary to dance to her unrelenting rhythm, the wounded ocean was begging her to stop.

She pulled him closer and whispered. If it were up to me, you would be still, you would lie like an unblemished mirror, so I can finally see what the remorseless wind has blown into my one weeping eye.

But this music plays on.

love in her talons
reason in her blood-stained beak
a lone heart pleads

For the midweek prompt at Poets United: “Mercy”

Saving Andromeda

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star-crossed innocence
looks up at the ephemeral sky
connecting the dots

star-crossed innocence
weeps for the waning moon
wait just one more night

the silver haired sea
looks up at the ephemeral sky
waves a star stained hand

tales of stars and gods
twinkling in your purple wine
connecting the dots


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A troiku (variation) for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where the prompt is the fabulous Greek myth of Andromeda.


Love poems
with lonely hearts
in the crowded fissures
of the dark light.
The moon yawns
and switches channels.
Another boring night.

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Linked to 3WW (Boring, Dark, Lonely)


Temporary outage,
the whole starlight grid is down.
See that cold new moon,
standing aloof in the dark,
burying her guilty smile
in a cloud.

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