Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #17

Micropoetry MonthA couple of tanka this Friday morning!
The beauty of tanka comes from the juxtaposition of disparate images, the gentle twist, the tug of emotion.

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candles and flowers,
an impromptu memorial
where the horror struck-
one goodbye on a page ripped
from a new school book


the moon and I
like strangers
in an elevator-
trying not to look
at each other


Cycle of Life

It was just a moment,
wheels spun in the air,
the earth, she hugged you close,
and the cycle of life
rode on without a sigh.

You would have just
been a stranger,
framed by my window,
for a fraction of time.

But now,
they lay those flowers
where you fell,
you have a scent,
a name,
a face,
you mix with the
light and the breeze;
a part of you
has seeped in
through the panes,
to ride the trails
with me.

Reacting to a fatal hit-and-run on a city street.
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