What if I don’t want to go back?

Step outside yourself, the air here tastes of stubborn
wonderment. The statelessness negates gravity, wings

tickle the fears in your back. There are more moons
than you can count, each one a different shape. Each

one with a backstory that the dark will stay long enough
to hear. What if I don’t want to go back, I ask a swirling

star. What if this universe, that I could not see from
within, has also stepped out of a billion beings? What if

that hexahedron moon is you? What do you see when
you see me? A hungry wedge of sky swallows the light.

Everything is moving in random certitude. The way
back to myself has already changed infinite times.


See us,
tiny pieces
in a giant kaleidoscope,
forming exquisite patterns
of incoherent magnificence.
Until a mirror breaks.

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