The one without expectations


Your desire for love defies the fear that
bookends it. Finding and losing both
unfasten stars from the sky. Will you give up
this world for the one without expectations?
What thoughts came to you when you
sat cross-legged under that peepal tree?



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One earth. One sky.


The dervish whirls. A single ney follows
his breath. One colour. One earth.
One sky. One beloved. One love.
Anything more would be an aberration.
How will you fit the abundance
of your need into one moment?



Padmini: Raja Ravi Varma
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A tree on a tree


Without a word, how will there be
meaning? We fabricate love from thirty
senses. But love can only water a parched
desert. You cannot plant a tree on a tree.
If your heart is not already broken, what
will Ghalib’s thousand desires heal?


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Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi
ki har Khwaish pe dum nikle
Bahut nikle mere armaan
magar phir bhi kam nikle
Thousands of desires,
each one worth dying for
so many have come to pass
yet I yearn for even more
– Mirza Ghalib


Not in Water

but I cannot swim
not in water
not in anything viscous
so all this spluttering, drowning, almost dying
rescued by the iron grasp of my own fears
leaves possibility always stranded a wet impossibility away
consider the absurd discontent of flailing and kicking
when I can teach myself to walk
jettisoning the weight of all desire
the dead weight of one desire
sure footed as air
but what purpose would that crossing serve
when I can go down breathless
a magnificent shipwreck of passion
but what purpose would that sinking serve
I cannot swim
not in water