Reading list update -1

I’ve scratched two books off my reading list, so maybe I can squeeze one more in before the end of the year.

1. Apeirogon by Colum McCann rates 4 on 5.
2. For the way the book is structured.
3. For the message of hope.
4. But you keep waiting for something to happen. For something to give. For a happy ending. The book is a mirror.
5. I only wish he had held on more tightly to the birds. Till the end. The book flies.
6. The Professor by Charlotte Bronte. My year-end classic gets only a 1 on 5.
7. For the not-so-interesting storyline.
8. For the one-dimensional characters that you simply can’t get interested in.
9. You keep waiting for something to happen. For something to give. For some intensity. The book is a frigid lake.
10. I only wish those dozens of dialogues in French were in English. A lot may have been lost in the absence of translation.
11. “It will not be over until we talk” says the bumper sticker on Rami Elhanan’s motorbike. It is almost 2023. Talk.
12. “There’s a method in my madness; there’s none in yours” claims Frances Henri to a very annoying man. That was 1857. Not much has changed.
13. I will add another of McCann’s books to my list, perhaps “TransAtlantic”. (This is how the list grows out of control. Sigh)


12 thoughts on “Reading list update -1

  1. Loved how you laid out the 13 items for this week’s 13! Haven’t read either of the books but now want to look for the first one .. and my reading list has been out of control forever now.. so what is one more?:)


  2. What a great way to structure a Thursday Thirteen! I’m excited by this because I’ve been doing these for a long, long time, and you may have just given me a cool and bookish way to keep it from going stale.


  3. Was The Professor one of those books that got released only because she got famous? There are some “classics” that only exist from older writings of writers that got better (and their older stuff should stay buried). That’s what your description sounds like.


  4. You got me curious about the first title so I looked it up and put it on my to-read list. I ought to give Charlotte Bronte a try, at least the first chapter. It took me decades to finally read Jane Eyre and was so surprised how much I liked the story. She had a lot of moxie, that Jane.


  5. Intriguing. One book as a mirror, the other as a lake. I get ‘you keep waiting for something to happen.’


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