A year after “Duplicity”

Last September, “Duplicity” was born. A second book of poems. Birthed in the dark days of the pandemic. A few weeks later. I wrote this on my blog:

As the exhilaration of bringing forth a new book begins to settle, it presents the writer with another empty page. The writing has to being again and the poet, like a child, stares out at a freshly scrubbed world, learning anew, words and meanings, tasting phrases and metaphors, slowly, as if the morning is a foreign language, strange and tempting yet utterly incomprehensible.

I started writing what I had tagged #citypoems in the pre-virus era but only sometime after the debilitating second wave, when I had a stack of pandemic poetry, written in the silence and despair of the endless lockdowns, did I start putting “Duplicity” together. But all that seems like a long time ago.

What happens next? What happens on the morning-after-the-month-after-the-book?

We climb ladders with invisible rungs. Never knowing if our feet are planted in the right place, on safe ground. From that uncertainty, come the poems. Comes this journey. And how glad and how grateful I am for it. That need to write from a place of honesty and self-awareness has spilt into this year and all my current writing. What could be better?

Thanks to everyone who supported the book. And thanks even more to all readers who came back to me with their thoughts.

“Duplicity” is available in print and kindle editions on Amazon.


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