A story in many unequal parts, some missing – 03

Part 03

This story will ask you define home. This story
will also ask you to define alone. At different times
in the middle, the middle without beginning or
end. Don’t diss its eager…

Read the whole poem here. I’ve created a new home for this story and all its unequal parts, so it will be a lot easier to read and catch up on previous posts. Will post links here or you could follow the new blog/subscribe via email.

7 thoughts on “A story in many unequal parts, some missing – 03

  1. Rajani, I followed the link and read Part 03. It reads like a prologue to an iconic neo-classic. I think you could build a world with it. I also love the photo of the tree in blossom. The tree is magnificent! What kind of tree is that?

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  2. That is a deep prompt. I feel the wetness on the painting and the grief that has jumped from my poem to your or visa versa.


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