All or Nothing

It is not the way.

People lie.

The universe has no empirical data. Forgiveness
is not a primal urge. The natural order demands
unconditional submission to its rules. Oceans
bury their troubles deep, what the mountains
do not tell the clouds is debatable. But dawn
returns, over and over, despite the night. That
is neither mercy nor vengeance. I must have
forgiven you, a long time ago. But writing it
down like this makes it real. Like a confirmation
of rebellion. Not that it is useful.

Nothing goes away.

People lie.

The debris swirls around until it is sucked into
an unforgiving vortex. Forgiveness is not
divisible. You cannot forgive in instalments. All
or nothing. One gets all. The other, nothing. Yet,
this must be done. So we can return to the laws.
Stay in our orbits. Not confuse gravity with
want. Light with love. We will pass each other
sometimes. You will cast a dark shadow. They
will call it an eclipse. I will forgive you. It will
not matter. This much is allowed.

It doesn’t get better, anyway.

People lie.


23 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. The constant returning of the morning is not fate — it is programming — we are programs that operate in the programmed system — until we don’t, and that point is our birth as an individual?


      1. It is a simulation Rajani, overlaying a given, and different for each individual depending of the individual’s quantum experiential programming. There can be no approaching of an absolute until the all bias is removed. In the temporal physical world that is impossible. We will not understand the answers until we are capable of understanding what the questions are — that requires an awareness beyond the limitations of this world. We are energy seeking energy, likely in a universal loop. This is all just my opinion, and thus to me, the truth — until it’s not, and at that point will unfold the epiphany.


        1. I agree with the need to frame the right questions and how we don’t have or do not recognize the tools to do that .. and that is truly what we should be seeking… perhaps we are looking at the whole thing from the wrong perspective. Does this view express itself through your poems – would love to read them.


  2. It is unfortunate that people lie and I wish it wasn’t so. I have always found forgiveness to be troublesome to fulfill but I’m glad that you found it here.


  3. And the moon doesn’t give up. It’s silent for a little bit but speaks loudly right on schedule.
    The lie is easily told but if there is no true forgivingness the issue will be brought up over and over, triggered by something we have said not thinking on the hurtful.
    Plan on it, regular as the moon. We must live with it or leave, simple but hard to do. No more can we do to help.


  4. Forgiveness is such a complicated beast. I have had situations where I thought I had forgiven only to realize I really hadn’t. Most times, distance is an acceptable substitute for forgiveness, at least to me. And even if I can manage something near forgiveness, I will still insist on distance.


  5. Forgiveness is not
    divisible. You cannot forgive in instalments.

    A striking truth!

    What you say is unarguable – and so despairing! Well, these times encourage despair. It is, in any case, as always, excellently said.


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