Hurt from Hurt

from you:
bruise from bruise
touch from touch
look up, cable tv and power lines
hold up our mottled sky
lies rise above that grid
so do prayers —
the more ridiculous among them
self-destructing at precise altitudes —
falling like ashes
like dead birds, fallen angels,
limb from limb
mouth from mouth
truth sinks, heavy,
corroding the body from the sole
somewhere in between
skin is washed
over and over
shedding fingerprints,
scrubbed like flint, causing fire,
burning time
the universe swirling, once, twice,
mixing in soap scum,
escaping down the drain,
nothing from nothing
I think this can be heaven
neither lie nor truth
nor prayer nor filth
just a fucking bruise
you touch sometimes
so you can tell
scream from scream
hurt from hurt
being from being

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