Where the light draws no shadows

They say in the far reaches of the universe where the light draws no shadows, a little planet, bigger than a dream, smaller than a smile, was inhabited entirely by flowers. Flowers, some bigger than magic, some smaller than a sigh, lived together, talking, laughing, reaching out with their little leaf-hands to caress a neighbour’s face.

They say when a flower finally dropped, roots murmured to it, for days, for weeks, until it returned to the light. No one else visited the planet, it never grew dark, a gentle wind meandered in soft arcs and twice a day a grey cloud arrived in the sky above to shower the flowers with sweet water.

They say that life of fragrance and colour and a kind of joy that did not want a name continued for a time bigger than a beginning, smaller than an end, until one quiet afternoon, when a newly blossomed flower, bigger than a moment, smaller than faith, opened its little eyes and fell in love with the grey cloud.

so many birds
so much sky
what is happiness?

12 thoughts on “Where the light draws no shadows

  1. This is enchanting – the thought of such a beautiful place……….I love the ending, which sounds like a new beginning. A wonderful read.


  2. Loved the visuals this conjured up – of a benevolent earth peopled with gentle flowers – keep them coming Raj and here’s to 14 more to go !!


    1. Thank you… until one wants the grey cloud for itself.. but interesting that while ‘planet’ must have brought you visuals of earth, it didn’t occur to me while writing it! Love when that happens. 😍


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