And then that evening

She watched him work the room, a consummate player, charming and gaslighting his way around a gaggle of women.

He saw her watching him. Pretending to listen to the people around her. Scowling. Muttering. Watching. Who was she?

She knew who he was. It would be interesting to erase that smile.

He inched closer. It would be interesting to make her smile.

She saw him push through the crowd. Now wasn’t the right time. She knew where to find him.

He saw her get up. He had to hurry. He didn’t know who she was.

She waited until he was almost at the bar. Then put her arm around a friend and walked away.

He was two feet away when someone stopped him. He saw her making her way out through the door.

He cursed. Why did he have a bad feeling about this?

She cursed. Why did she have a good feeling about this?

He asked around about the ordinary looking girl who was scowling by the bar. The one with the brightest eyes in the world.

She thought about the good-looking man talking softly to the girls. The one with the emptiest eyes in the world.

He was feeling awful by the time he got home. Why did he have to get drunk? Who was she?

She was wide awake at two in the morning, nibbling a giant chocolate bar. What would she say to him?

He woke up in his chair, his laptop open on his desk, papers everywhere.

She felt the sharp light as she tried to open her eyes. Blurry people everywhere.

He heard someone knock on the door.

She heard someone call her name.

He looked up in surprise. Did you pull another all-nighter, his manager asked. You haven’t been home in two days.

She looked up in surprise. Are you finally awake, her mother asked. You’ve been out of it for a whole week now.

He had worked flat out on the bid. He remembered sending it out before the midnight deadline.

She had picked up the fever in the clinic. She remembered coming home and collapsing on her bed.

He frowned. Who was she?

She smiled. Why him?

32 thoughts on “And then that evening

  1. A tricky pairing to be sure, with so much potential for either bliss or agony. Will they balance each other’s blind spots (and celebrate each other’s strengths) or will their differences have them constantly at odds?

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  2. Nice goings ons. Its is said opposites attract. Its as if they were each attracted to a missing part of themselves seen in each other.
    What a curious twist that waking up😊
    Intriguing write

    Happy you dropped by my blog Rajani


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fun to read, makes me want to come back to wee a final outcome. Reminded me of my mom when I had freedom for three years, divorced.
    Mom liked to tell me I wouldn’t meet a nice girl at a bar. Like I hung out at bars. I went when our motorcycle group met , always at a bar. But she didn’t go to church either then.
    And wasn’t looking for a wife either when Mrs. Jim found me. I hadn’t planned to be at the dinner that night, my class let out early. 50 years ago.

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  4. How realities intersect and diverge. Even though their thoughts were divergent they both were still pulled to/by each other. I hope she didn’t catch covid.

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    1. Interesting parallel stories and a hint of some secret to explode soon – how nicely has that come together – ❤ it Raj, keep ’em coming pls !

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