The forever we want

How much of the universe is contained in this
moment? We have boundaries. The forever we

want has the same radius as our imagination.
But death has that calculus of infinity and endless

time, the cold inevitability, the veiled mystery. The
dependency on life. What would death be if

life did not give itself up for it? What would the
universe be if death did not constantly renew

it? The forces that craft our being are also plotting
our end. But in this moment, your body feels

warm in the moonlight as it fits into mine. Your
words convert clouds into believers, stars into

unspoken prayer. The life we expect is the only
one we have learnt to bear. We wield desire against

this false certainty, this physics of not knowing:
as if improbable love is our final act of defiance.

3 thoughts on “The forever we want

  1. This is wonderful – the pondering of the big questions, the way a body fits into another, which comforts us against all the unknowing we are living through. A wonderful poem, Rajani. Always a pleasure to read you.


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