Like a horizon

Haiku is, perhaps, the most difficult form to ‘get right’! While its modern avatar has rebelled against almost all the original rules, it tries to retain the essence and be both simple and intense, brief and expansive, complete and still leave the reader imagining more.
These are three haiku from a little chapbook called “On the Rough Road” that I put together a few years ago. The haiku were written in response to prompts from Basho’s travelogue, Oku no hosimichi (that roughly translates to “The narrow road to the deep north”), offered on a haiku group called Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. To read the chapbook, just follow the instructions here.

slowly, softly
slides out of this morning

mourning —
the way the sky
brushes a broken wing

like a horizon
splitting two worlds —

And four new ones inspired by the onset of the monsoon….
a different world
a different rain
still this hesitation

another rainy night
another moonless sky
one could get used to this

she runs faster
as if there is still a chance…
who can stop the June rain?

leaves and branches
petals strewn on wet asphalt
last night wasn’t gentle

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