A name he should not know

Of all the ways to encounter loss, I picked the one in which it arrives as a stranger. A stranger who emerges from the bowels of a subway station, into the sunlight, as I hurtle down the steps into the darkness, directly in his path, looking away, refusing to meet his gaze, only a strong musky scent of an unborn morning , staining the air as we pass.

It returns sometimes, that fragrance, like a wind from a faraway place, come to moult its memory skin . Or like a pigeon that flew into a room that it doesn’t know how to escape, thrashing against the glass pane, screaming at the walls in low, gurgling sounds, rising and falling, rising and falling, trapped, afraid…alone.

On some nights, the stranger stops and calls my name. A name he should not know. A voice I should not recognize. A longing that should not be. For a morning, yet to come.

what should we call it,
the sky that does not know
it is the sky?

12 thoughts on “A name he should not know

  1. There is a natural flow of mystry and intrigue as you weave through dark and light spaces in your haibiun. The haiku is exquisite.



  2. This one leaves my imagination running wild. Or, perhaps, not so wild. Just follow your images and metaphors and feelings… in order to build the tale in my head. Love the closing lines.


  3. Love this and some golden lines like: ‘only a strong musky scent of an unborn morning’ and absolutely love the Haiku Beautiful and mysterious


  4. So many scenarios run through my mind as I read your poem. I should know not to ask for a sub-story, more especially when we’ve just agreed that “a poem should not mean but be.” 🙂 Nonetheless, I hope to hear of it, one day. Beautiful write, Rajani!


  5. Wow, this is beautiful, Rajani, and has such unspoken sub-story, it intrigues the reader, who wants to know more. Superb. I so agree with your comment on my blog. Love is not enough to deal with what we are facing. Am floundering without adequate words in the face of it all.


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