Dear Tomorrow

so, dear tomorrow,

can’t you see how earth
prepares herself for that inevitable end?

I worry about you –
what will you be when there’s no one left
to measure time?


A cherita for earthweal, the place for poetry on the climate crisis. So many parts of the world are already reeling under the impact. Sherry talks of the atmospheric river systems lining up in Canada, while here in the south of India, the North-East monsoon season seems to have gone completely, devastatingly mad. Go to to read/ learn/ contribute. 

11 thoughts on “Dear Tomorrow

  1. Your cherita makes me think of the role of humans on the planet. Why are we here? Tomorrow will go on even when we aren’t here to see it but somehow our presence here is important. Not sure if that comment makes sense – your poem echoes thoughts have been rattling round my own head.


  2. Thanks for the nod, Rajani. I have been hearing about your monsoons. Glad you have stayed safe through it all. I love your cherita. Lovely to see you at earthweal. We missed you.


    1. Thank you, Sherry. Please stay safe…fingers crossed your home and area are not in the worst of the atmospheric river’s path. Here more rain expected on the east coast after all those inches breaking records for the month. The universe is telling us something and we poor human fools don’t even know we should listen.


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