On the Rough Road

On the Rough Road is a collection of haiku that I first put together in 2016 following a series of prompts on ‘Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’ based on Matsuo Basho’s ‘Oku no hosimichi’ (Narrow road to the Deep North)

Recently, I redesigned and edited the chapbook and though it seemed to take forever, it was a nostalgic walk through old haiku and haibun I had written, giving me fresh insight into my state of mind and writing style, then – and now.

Over the years, I’ve surely learnt a thing or two, but also lost something. I don’t entirely know what that is, but I believe some of my best haiku are in this little chapbook. For more details, check this link.

I chose one haiku to leave here today:

here, finally

i open my book of regrets

to the rain

8 thoughts on “On the Rough Road

  1. Well done, Rajani! One of the joys of revisiting own old works is to notice a shift (always a good one) or growth in one’s own writing. As you so well put it, “Over the years, I’ve surely learnt a thing or two…” And I hope when you finally figure out what you have lost, you’ll work at getting it back again or let it go!


    1. Thanks, Khaya. Yes, have to let it go and hone new skills. It’s good to keep evolving or maybe a sort of staleness will set it!! This was a fun project and hopefully will give me the momentum I need to work on a new chapbook!

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