Moon Poetry

I’ve been posting some “moon poetry” on Instagram (@tp_poetry) for NaPoWriMo and I just realized I hadn’t posted any of those poems here. Is this happening to you too- is Instagram (or twitter) becoming your primary poetry app? I think I still come back here to post longer poems and to read poetry of fellow-bloggers. But I worry about the future of poetry blogs. That said:

like a separated lover
she bewitches
from a safe distance –

admit it! close up,
the moon would be unbearable

“and moonlight on naked skin.”
– even one more word
could be too much for a poem

this grief borrows from the primordial chaos,
the chaos that stirs the mud, the mud that

doesn’t hold on to the river, the river that knows
the route to the sea, the sea that cannot unlove

the moon, the moon that is always whole and
dark, the dark that tries to tell you that light is

false perception. Tell me, have you found a
different way to console yourself, tonight?

11 thoughts on “Moon Poetry

  1. The moon, a face so near yet so untouchable. I’m enjoying how these poems stretch my relationship with this shining orb, causing me to wonder as I note the rise and fall of the tide on my morning walks. Thank you.


  2. Oh yes, the moon–the beauty of presence that we need not see to be awed by!
    About Instagram etc. No, I haven’t been there. I don’t want to learn new technology. Pout. Please let me know when I must go there to read your poems. My blogs now are mostly my own, yours, Sherry’s and earthweal.


  3. “One more word might be too much for a poem.” I love that. Wonderful to read you, Rajani. I havent made the switch yet to instagram though I know lots of poets are there. I am a creature of habit.


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