You think the moon knows

The pandemic has settled like protracted fog on the asphalt,
a needy god wanders the empty streets, faith like a cold stone

in his pocket. Here, at the traffic light, where the push carts
sold biryani and men jostled outside the tiny paan stall,

there are only insomniac shadows of dreamless sleepers.
You think the moon knows, or the birds? That something is

amiss? You think the heart now understands the birds and
the moon? Distance, the incongruity of touch, curvature,

the texture of skin as a nameless want? There is gossip in
estranged doorways about the lover who waited too long.

About a love that waited too long. We breathe in the spectre
of death. Who knows about the alchemy of absence? Between

us, this city expands. It’s funny how the jacarandas blossom
and fall and blossom and fall as if none of this really matters.

This blog is six years old today. I want to thank all my readers for their support and encouragement and the shared love for poetry. Stay safe, everyone.

9 thoughts on “You think the moon knows

  1. “Faith like a cold stone in his pocket”…I love that! The blossoming and falling of petals is so good. The one comfort I have is that nature continues on in spite of human folly. Always lovely to read you, Rajani.

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  2. I love “the alchemy of distance,” the personified pandemic/death, the lover who waited too long. Before now, distance was my choice. Now it is a constraint I strain against. I feel the times completely in your poem. (Congratulations on 6 years!)

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    1. Thank you, Susan…agree about distance… everything, it appears, needs to be measured differently now… with no end in sight. Can’t believe I’ve stuck with this for 6 years now… especially 2020 with inspiration for poetry so hard to come by. Hope you are safe and well, Susan. Take care.


  3. Happy Blogoversary, Rajani! You celebrate it with a poem that reflects these times so well. There’s such a lacunae in between your words that all these images come alive in their stark reality. The jacaranda blossoms carry on, as life does or what remains of it. 💚


  4. I am immensely grateful for the thought provoking and heart warming poetry you have shared with the world. I find comfort knowing that other souls are still reaching out to explore the mysteries and wonders of life even in the darkest times.


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