Hello Earth

Hello Earth,

Here we are again, strangers in familiar positions. A bottle and a half of cheap local wine, you and I and the rain just randomly filling spaces – you, in a helpless orbital crawl, me following you, the rain following us – nowhere to go but back where we started.

Earth, I’m never going so far that I can see you in your entirety. You’re never getting close enough to know what I think. A strange entanglement, this. Different parts of me were different states of matter. Some parts might even have mattered. Yet, the chaotic history of that transformation, the burden of that memory is yours to bear. I can choose to be a flower for the length of a flutter. Or a thorn. Finis. Someday, we must discuss your choices.

Leaning in, I confess your moon has more going for it than you do. Perspective matters. And lighting. The art of distance. The science of inconstancy. The histrionics of a late night show. I wonder if you know how you look from afar, through the darkness. You see, more than the ground beneath our feet, what we need is the probability of flight. That is the thing about love – no, something as real as you, wouldn’t understand love. Magic happens elsewhere. Above both of us.

Listing gratitudes, I see you smile. You think I kneel in your desert, weep in your forest, breathe to the rhythm of your waves, but I still don’t understand you. Then I read someone else’s story about the first snow on the mountain and I cannot sleep for a week. You know I tried writing a poem once, about you. It was you that hid the words.

Offering you this deal: let’s stop for a moment, you and I. Let’s talk in the stillness. They say we are made of the same stardust. Lovers. Soulmates. Sisters. Without names and labels we feign incomprehension. We get lost. So, let’s start there. With names. I’ll tell you mine. Look me in the eye. Hold my hand. As creator, as mother, as life. Hello earth. Let’s start there.


Finally! This piece follows the earthhello format, that was introduced to me by Rosemary. Her earthhello prose-poems can be found on her blog and on Instagram


6 thoughts on “Hello Earth

  1. Well this is an interesting format and a wonderful dialogue. It is time we got to know earth better. Very cool, Rajani.


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