It rained again today…

As if life was found,            accidentally, when
we took a wrong turn from             death: a
shell lying on a shore               that

it shouldn’t, that

it couldn’t,

yet, within it, the            roar of the entire
ocean. Today, I held life up          to my ear, it’s
voice was wet like rain, it       wondered

if I should.

If I could.

27 thoughts on “It rained again today…

  1. Ah! You did! Interesting new form! To me it suggests the broken world has bits of light, tempting us if we can take that “wrong” turn toward it. (So sorry I haven’t been around for a while. A pandemic sort of exhaustion and odd business right here at home …)


    1. Totally recognize the exhaustion from pandemic and everything related to it – I feel it too, I can barely write. Do take care. I like your interpretation of light breaks – I was trying to insert pauses, silences like one might do while talking about something larger than life… or heavier. Stay safe out there, Susan.


  2. Wonderful. The format lends power to the words. I am exhausted too. We need some change, some hope….some leaders!


  3. The form, the shape, the spaces give this poem a visual aspect that has tattooed itself in my mind, Rajani. They also make the poem sound tentative when read aloud – firs steps outside. I love the idea of life being found accidentally when taking a wrong turning, and the lnes:
    ‘…Today, I held life up to my ear, it’s
    voice was wet like rain, it wondered

    if I should.

    If I could.


  4. It was always fascinating as kids to hold a shell to your ear and hear the roar of the ocean not realising it was in fact the echo from inside your own ear as well.


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