The opposite of death

Again and again, I want this life to return, like
a haunting. Until my bones can recite antonyms

in the night. What is the shadow of breath? What
is the inverse of moonlight? What is the antithesis

of the hours you wedged under one leg of the wobbly
earth? The gate to dawn, so long shut, is creaking.

Every mistake wants to be resurrected. Repeated.
Consequences wait at the old places. The traps have

bared their primal teeth. The body knows where
it should burn, where it should wound. Touch is

habit. Desire is the prophesy that can be read only
in a mirror. What is normal if dystopia is an obvious

palindrome? What would be, if not this life? What
do we do with love that is not the opposite of death?


While I try to compile them into a more readable format, the 55 posts from the lockdown series will also be accessible through a widget on the sidebar. Check it out!

7 thoughts on “The opposite of death

  1. What an important question you ask. “What do we do with love that is not the opposite of death?” Your writing is so wonderful, Rajani. So deep; you do not shy away from the big ponderings. The opposite of death is what we need to regain on this planet – and a large dose of hope. Loved this, and will come back to read it again. It would make a wonderful addition to the conversation at earthweal, if you feel like linking. I so admire your voice and your work.

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    1. Thanks so much, Sherry. You’re too kind. I wonder sometimes if poetry cannot begin to tell the big stories- personal and social …. but we have to keep trying đŸ™‚


  2. Sometimes we heal/love into death, I suppose. But what you describe is death in life: “Every mistake wants to be resurrected. Repeated.” I suppose there are worse things, but I can’t think of any right now.


  3. “Every mistake wants to be resurrected. Repeated.”…I see this everywhere including in my life. If we want we can get away from it but that doesn’t happen…..So wonderful to read these amazing words.
    Thanks for your comment Rajani. I am rarely online these days. Hope this phase is over soon đŸ™‚


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