Curfew: Day 54

Lockdown notes:

1. 54 days is a variable that depends
on where you were when it began

2. 54 days is a language with no
alphabet or sound

3. Mute sorrow has the same
genome as cold outrage

4. The chasm without a bridge
is a chronic wound

5. This death knell moonlights
as a wind chime

6. Randomness is as much a choice
as choice is random

7. Fairness, like the moon, is a deviant,
yet it enchants poets and lovers

8. A god is more consequential by

9. People who hugged strangers before
will do so again

10. Flowers don’t make you happy. When
you’re happy you see the flowers

11. In this hush, even poetry is a privilege
that must end

but we have come this far
and are still exactly
where we started

Lockdown #3 ends today – 54 days since it began on March 25th. This series of daily lockdown posts ends here. Life, or some version of it, will go on. For the generations that did not witness war or partition, the relentless visuals of human suffering will be a mirror and hopefully, change us forever.


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4 thoughts on “Curfew: Day 54

  1. I’m reading these backwards–I hope that’s ok. I love this form, and 5 and 10 are my favorites. 5 gave me a little laugh. 10 gave me another way of knowing and noting that I am happy.


  2. I share your hope that we will be changed forever—for the better—by having endured and emerged from this pandemic. Meanwhile, I am chilled by note 11: Surely NOTHING can end poetry in this world, not even death:

    When a poet dies,
    who takes up the words she leaves?
    Sing, moon, and croon, sheaves!


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