Curfew: Day 49

Isn’t this the womb that should birth great change? The
momentous correction that will resurrect time? So all

that is askew, adrift, alone will find a home? Then why
does opportunity contort its neck and retreat into its

shell? Where it is safe, where it is in control, where
it is the way it was before? Yet, need is no stranger to

waiting in the cold. That was the arrangement. Even
for days like this, when the end, out of sight, looks

exactly like the beginning, when the window is closed
and rain accounts, in straight lines, for asymmetrical loss.

between us
a word, a world,
between us

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This is the 50th lockdown post in as many days. And we’re somewhere – at an end or a beginning- or both.

4 thoughts on “Curfew: Day 49

  1. Great change is needed but I fear it wont happen, or wont continue once the threat of the virus has lessened. Sigh. It is hard to know what we know.


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