Curfew: Day 47

Sixteen migrant workers (were run over by a freight train
as they tried to make their way home)

No matter which way our world falls, only
one side is soiled, only one side is wounded,

only one side bleeds. This inequity is favoured
by a sky that cannot tell day from night. The

illusion of a silver moon is only in eyes forced
to look up. Hands that built our cities, walk

away from them, empty handed. But death is neither
random nor foretold. We formulate methods that

compute the value of lives. Zero or one. From that
we derive the rate at which they will be forgotten.

to know darkness –
the sun must first
understand its light

For the millions of migrant workers making their way back to villages and towns in the hinterland, thousands on foot,walking hundreds of kilometres, as livelihoods are destroyed during the lockdown and hunger becomes a greater threat than disease.



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3 thoughts on “Curfew: Day 47

  1. “Hands that built our cities walk away from them empty-handed.” That is the best description of the inequities of capitalism I have ever read. People living lives of privilege complain about not being able to get their hair cut, while thousands, perhaps millions, walk, homeless and hungry, in search of bare subsistence. We should have evolved past this so long ago. That is terrible about the migrants killed by the train. Sigh.


    1. You’re absolutely right. We should have fixed this ages ago- and yet, it seems like we not only enable the inequity but find it necessary. I hope as more people see it for it is, action will come.


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