Curfew: Day 14

In the shadow of the pandemic, only a burdened quiet grows. And inside it, all reality turns into fiction. Characters with strangely familiar faces say and do things you seem to remember. Scenes play out like morphed videos. There is an odd sense of déjà vu. The past runs parallel to the present. I wonder if we’ll come out of this, changed. Butterflies emerging, winged, from the black pupae of isolation? Probably not. Unless reading more Darwish, writing almost nothing and losing all sense of time and place amounts to something. It used to, in the old days. Remember?

curfewed moon –
look how the sky waits
night after night


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6 thoughts on “Curfew: Day 14

  1. “The past runs parallel to the present.” You remind me that at times I feel close to God as if I have moved over in my chair and made room for Jesus to sit. The past shares the present like that! And the moon, ever wise, patiently waits for the emergence or mergence and the new … what will it be? I suspect we will still be isolated, yet to try the necessary task of having this patience to move forward in some kind of healing unity.

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